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What are the current lumber prices?

The pandemic is still impacting lumber prices. Prices for lumber are fluctuating often, as well as for other materials needed for construction. We are committed to obtaining the best possible number for our customers and are constantly checking prices. Before a recent price increase, we notified customers and pre-ordered before the increase, and then stored the lumber in our warehouse until it was needed for the homes we were building. We do everything we can to manage the changing supply chain issues.

What is your price per square foot?

Because Jurek Builders builds only custom, one-of-a-kind, bespoke homes we do not have a set price per square foot. Our homes are not comparable to builders with set floor plans and firm square foot pricing. Our pricing is dependent on the customer’s selections and needs and we are completely transparent about costs and prices.

Do you recommend an interior designer?

Jurek Builders works with award-winning interior designer, Danielle Gruppo, as our partner in design, though we can also work with your designer of choice.  We recommend hiring an interior designer at the same time you hire an architect so they can be involved in the process from the beginning and offer input on the best use of space and placement of furniture, such as where the bed-wall should go in the primary suite. Additionally, since there may be supply chain delays with home furnishings, getting an interior designer on board early in the process ensures your furniture will arrive when your home is complete.

How many homes do you build per year?

Jurek Builders builds about 10 homes per year. Because of our attention to detail and custom process, we limit the number of homes so we can give each customer the personalized attention they deserve.

What is a custom home?

Jurek Builders homes are custom homes, which means as the customer you dictate not only the floor plan, but every single detail of the home if you so choose. Customers select cabinetry, fixtures, trim, doors, appliances, countertops, lighting, hardware, flooring and more. Every single component of the home is built to your exact specifications and selections. There is nothing run of the mill about our homes.

Do we buy the lot from you in Spaulding Green?

Jurek Builders is building all the homes on Serenity Court in Spaulding Green in Clarence Center. Customers purchase the lots from Jurek Builders directly.  Any other lots in Spaulding Green are purchased through Spaulding Green, LLC and contract with Jurek for the build.

How hands on are you?

Jurek Builders is a family business, founded by Henry Jurek II and his late wife Donna and currently run by Henry II. Henry is completely hands-on, working on sites and in the office, meeting with customers, managing employees, and negotiating with vendors. We take pride in our business and treat our customers as part of our family. All work is supervised directly by Henry II, who is hands on as much as possible.

Can I visit the job site for my home?

As part of our commitment to transparency and partnership with our customers, homeowners can visit their site any day, 24/7, with no appointment or notice. It’s your home! Please come see it!

How has the pandemic affected the building industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a lot of delays and supply chain issues in the past few years. Materials are still slow to ship, but we are committed to finding available materials at the best possible price for our customers.

Another effect of the pandemic is that many people realized they need more space at home. The ability to customize your own home with Jurek means you can create home offices, study spaces, and room for relaxing so that your home can always be your sanctuary.

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